Friday, 9 January 2009

zamaane ko dikhaanaa hai

Jigar Muradabadi wrote a Ghazal in which one of the couplets is:
kyaa husn ne samjha hai kyaa ishq ne jaanaa hai
ham Kaak nashiino.n kii Thokar me.n zamaanaa hai

All Nasir Husain films used to begin with this sh'er.

Majrooh Sultanpuri used it in the beginning of the title song/qawwaali of Zamane Ko Dikhana Hai (1981):

By the way, there is another very famous couplet in the same Ghazal:
yeh 'ishq nahii.n aasaa.N, bas itnaa samajh leeje
ik aag kaa daryaa hai, aur Doob ke jaanaa hai

Do you remember any song that uses this couplet?


Ritu said...

Nice Asad. A suggestion would be to put the entire kalaam. If nothing if it is there people will read it and the piece will get more pair of eyes.

asad said...

Wonderful suggestion Ritu, I will definitely try and implement it, wherever possible.

iqbal said...

Asad Sahab film lirycs per aapki koshishon ko salam. i'm also trying to cumpile a book on film song writer. I know how tuff task is this. that's why i salam u
iqbal rizvi