Wednesday, 25 June 2008

more jobanaa ka dekho ubhaar/ek laRakii ko dekhaa to

Josh Malihabadi penned this song for the film Man Ki Jeet (1945)

more jobana ka dekho ubhaar
paapii jobana ka dekho ubhaar

jaise naddii kii mauj
jaise turko.n kii fauj
jaise sulage se bam
jaise baalak udham
jaise koyal pukaar

jaise hirnii kulel
jaise tuufaan mel
jaise bha.nware kii jhuum
jaise saawan kii dhuum
jaise gaatii phuaar

jaise saagar pe bhor
jaise uRataa chakor
jaise gendavaa khile
jaise laTTuu hile
jaise gaddar anaar

more jobana ka dekho ubhaar
paapii jobana ka dekho ubhaar

Javed Akhtar penned this for 1942 A Love Story (1993).

ek laRakii ko dekha to aisa lagaa
ek laRakii ko dekhaa to aisaa lagaa.

jaise khilataa gulaab
jaise shaayar ka Kwaab
jaise ujali kiran
jaise ban mein hiran
jaise chaa.ndani raat
jaise narmii ki baat
jaise ma.ndir me.n ho ek jalta diya

ek laRakii ko dekhaa to aisaa lagaa

jaise subhaa ka ruup
jaise sardii kii dhuup
jaise biinaa kii taan
jaise ki jaan
jaise bal khaa_e bel
jaise laharo.n ka khel
jaise Kushbuu liye aaye ThanDii havaa

ek laRakii ko dekhaa to aisaa lagaa

jaise naachata mor
jaise resham kii dor
jaise pariyo.n ka raag
jaise sa.ndal ki aag
jaise solah si.ngaar
jaise ras ki phuaar
jaise aahista aahista baRhata nashaa

This is what Film India commented with a 'literal' translation ...

FilmIndia commented :

Hazrat Josh Malihabadi who is considered to be the best rebel poet of
the nation. He has clearly prostituted his mighty pen in writing those
filthy lines. It must have been for money. Because it is difficult to
believe that a poet of Josh's eminence could have so radically changed
his ideals of poetry for our people. ... If Josh continues his present
career in film writing with songs like this, he should drop that
Hazrat that is fixed to his name. He doesn't deserve that even today,
with that filthy song broadcast to the world.

More Joban Ka Dekho Ubhaar
(Come look at the giddy blossom of my youthful breasts)
Paapi Joban Ka Dekho Ubhaar
(Come look at the bloom of my sinning breasts)
Jaise Nadi Ki Mauj, Jaise Turkon Ki Fauj
(My breasts are like the ripples on a river bed
My breasts are as militant as Turkish soldiers)
Jaise Sulage Se Bum, Jaise Balak Udham
(My breasts are like impregnated bombs
My breasts are like impudent kids)
Jaise Koyal Pukaare - More
(My breasts are like the call of the cuckoo)
Jaise Hirni Kulel, Jaise Toofan Mail
(My breasts are gambol like little deers
My breasts have the speed of Toofan Mail)
Jaise Bhanware Ki Joom, Jaise Sawan Ki Dhoom
(My breasts are like the whirl of butterflies
My breasts are like the storm of monsoon)
Jaise Gaati Phoohaar - More
(My breasts sing the music of early rain drops)
Jaise Sagar Pe Bhor, Jaise Udtaa Chakor
(My breasts herald the dawn on the horizon
My breasts are like fire eating birds of the skies)
Jaise Gendva Khilem Jaise Latto Hile
(My breasts are like marigolds in blossom
My breasts are dizzy like toy tops)
Jaise Gadhdhar Anaar - More
(My breasts are like half ripe pomegranates)
More Joban Ka Dekho Ubhaar
(Come look at the giddy blossom of my youthful breasts)
Paapi Joban Ka Dekho Ubhaar
(Come look at the bloom of my sinning breasts)


मयूर said...

i wish you very best of luck इसे पड़कर दिल खुश हो गया और मैं आपके ओब्सेर्वेशन से उत्साहित हूँ ,
salutes to you

रविकान्त said...


Kudos to Josh Saheb, for having written something like this and thanks to you for sharing this. I think Filminida would have been very happy with the pure poetic turn the song takes in Javed Akhtar! There are beautiful nuggets on the blog, please keep it going. You have a fan in me.


Unknown said...

bahut hi shaandar...parhkar laga ki wakayee kya likha tha...


Dr. Nazar Mahmood said...

wah asad bha
maza aagaya
bohot khoob

star sailor said...

As you point out, FilmIndia's translation is too literal therefore it is inadmissible ground for slating the piece as filthy. The word Joban or Yovan is used for youth. And ubhaar doesn't necessarily mean protrusion (and by analogy, breast.
It may mean among other things 'umang, mauj, walwala,namu ka zor, shabab ka zor, baaleedgi, afzaaish, badhotri, farogh, uthaan, oonchapan'.
Josh, instead of theming this poem solely on the female breast, intended to portray the general sense of emerging youth (which incidentally covers the development of breast, too).